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8 ways to a bigger bathroom without adding on

If you’ve been dreaming of a bigger master bathroom, you’re not alone. Most homes, especially older ones, have small, cramped bathrooms that are poorly designed.

It’s a great time to be thinking about how to get more out of your bathroom, to create that luxury spa retreat at home.

But even if a major remodel of your master suite isn’t in the budget right now, the experienced designers at T.W. Ellis can help you get the most out of your space without moving walls. These are some of our favorite hacks for making your bathroom feel bigger even without additional square footage.

1. Use colors the right way

Light and complimentary colors help a space feel more open and roomy. Opt for white (or other light colors) for the walls and ceilings. Matching colors for the walls and ceilings cut down on transitions, creating a cleaner, expansive room.

That doesn’t mean your room has to be boring. Accent colors will pop more in a white room; tile patterns, moulding and fixtures can all be used to break up the monotony.

2. Build storage into the walls

Replace existing storage with recessed cabinets and storage niches to take advantage of the space between the wall studs. A few inches may not seem like much, but the space saved in a small bathroom can make a big difference.

3. Upgrade to an open or frameless shower

Another way to give your bathroom a more airy feel is to replace an existing enclosed shower with a curtain or patterned glass door with a doorless shower. If that’s not the right solution for you, consider a frameless shower. A frameless, glass enclosure can help keep water and heat in, but still give you that open look by eliminating the traditional framing.

4. Install a pocket door

In a small bathroom, a traditional hinged door will increase that cramped feeling the moment you open it. Instead, a pocket door that slides into the wall frees up that space.

5. Take advantage of natural light

Natural light is always a good choice – large windows or skylights can really make an impact. Homeowners often choose to cover windows with shutters, blinds or other dark coverings. If privacy concerns are an issue, instead opt for translucent window shades or replace the glass with a patterned or stained-glass window.

6. Replace your vanity

An oversized vanity in a small bathroom can eat up a lot of space. Creating recessed storage like we mentioned above can help replace some of those needs. Consider replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink and wall-mounted storage options. Alternatively, a floating vanity still allows for storage, but takes up less floor space and visually gives the illusion of more space.

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7. Go big with mirrors

Another way to trick the eye and make the bathroom feel roomier is to add larger mirrors and more of them. Besides the illusion of more space they will also reflect that natural light we talked about above, especially when placed across from a window. Frameless mirrors offer a more spacious feel. In a small bathroom, tall, narrow mirrors can be especially effective.  

8. Eliminate clutter

Not a remodeling tip, of course, but simply streamlining the clutter in the bathroom can help a lot. If you don’t need it everyday, don’t keep it out on the counter or shelves. Just keep the necessities in the bathroom and find other storage places for those items you don’t use regularly.

Time to give your bathroom a facelift? Contact T.W. Ellis today to discuss your bathroom project or any of your remodeling needs!

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